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Shaping Peoples' Lives

About Me:

Hi there,

My name is John, I originally come from England and I am a young 60 years old.

I was invited to be the Head Teacher at a large private International School in Bangkok 11 years ago and I jumped at the opportunity.

Part of my role as a Head Teacher was to interview new students to assess the levels of spoken English and recommend the books and teachers they should study with.

I have interviewed and taught some well-known names as our school was home to the GMM Grammy superstars. Click here to see if you recognise any of them.

Another part of my job was to specialise in test preparation courses such as IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC. I considered teaching as the most rewarding part of my job. Shaping students futures by helping them get the score they need to further their goals or even just the self-satisfaction of learning a new language.

After a long and rewarding 11 years of being a Head Teacher, I decided to go it alone to help more people gain the success they are striving for and further their English skills.

I will be adding a blog page soon for you to comment and ask any questions you may have regarding English

 The Course Info:

At the initial contact, we will have a free 15-minute interview to ascertain:

  • your goals
  • your timeframe
  • your current level

Once this has been done, I will recommend a course of study to suit your needs.

All lessons will be executed via Zoom video meetings from the comfort of your own home or place of study.

Generally, I advise that 1-2 periods  2 or 3 times a week works best for you to gain maximum benefit from the course. Obviously, this depends on your availability.

I do not just help improve your level of English but offer advice and tips on how to make tests easier.

This would be a two-way partnership and I will expect you to work hard on the tasks that I set you.  I am a results-driven person and I hope you are the same.



The IELTS Guarantee:

In the initial lessons, I will give you a complete IELTS test to check your current score (Unless you have a recent official test score). If you do not get the score you need after the recommended course. I will continue to coach you FREE of CHARGE until you get the result needed.guarantee

All I ask in return is that you recommend me to family or friends that need any help with test preparation, once we get you the results you are looking for.

Free Introductory video meeting link:  


(you can book the free 15-minute introductory meeting to discuss your requirements and assess your current level).